Bad Beat Jackpots, How Bad Are They?

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How many times have you come so close to winning a game of poker with a great hand, only to lose it to someone who manages to go one up on you? If you’ve been in this situation before then you will be happy to know that some online poker sites will REWARD you for losing. A Bad Beat Jackpot is essentially a lost poker hand that is made up of very good cards. If you manage to lose on these cards (preset by the online poker site), you will win the Bad Beat Jackpot and could very well walk home with wads of cash!

If you choose to play at a Bad Beat poker table, you agree to put in a small amount (around 50c) into a special side pot. Each time a game is played at the table, the progressive jackpot grows until someone is lucky enough to lose on a Bad Beat hand and the jackpot is paid out. The ‘loser’ usually gets the bulk of the jackpot, while the winner of the game also gets a fair share and the rest is shared out among the other players at the table. The site will keep back a certain percentage to seed the follow up jackpot fund.

A typical online poker site may call for the losing hand to be at least a four of a kind sevens, while the winning hand must be at least a four of a kind 8’s. Some call for both the winning and the losing hands to include the hole cards.

Whichever way you look at it, Bad Beat Jackpots are definitely not that bad after all!

Almost every poker site has bad beat jackpots.