How to build a poker community

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It’s a difficult task to try and build your own poker community, so in this post I’m going to try to help anyone that’s interested in starting their own poker community from my experiences that I’ve learned by running my poker forum.

It’s especially hard to build a poker community compared to other communities, because there’s so few sites that are available for you to build links without spending a buck. If you don’t know what link building is then you’ll need to learn some SEO, or at least have a basic understanding of it before attempting to start a poker community.

You’ll need to advertise your poker community somewhere, and if you can’t pay for advertising there is free ways to do things, but it’s the harder path, and the one I’ve chosen to take for my poker forum(at least for now). You’ll need to resort to advertising on sites that aren’t directly in your niche, but at the same time you’ll have to try, and find sites that are in the same niche for higher quality links. It’s important to have a good balance of high quality and low quality links pointing to your website.

It requires a lot of dedication to grow your own community, and it’s not worth it for most people. When I refer to community, I’m referring to a group of members that return to the site on a regular basis to communicate with each other. This is usually done through forums, but there’s other types of online communities like chat rooms, and some blogs for example.

I won’t go in to detail on how hard it is to build a forum, because most users don’t have what it takes, and I’m just being brutally honest. It’s not easy to build a forum, and even harder to build a poker forum, since this is a very competitive niche. You have to be active within your community, post everyday, and interact with your members. Being a active member is only the start of your duties as a forum owner, you’ll also need to delete spam, upgrade the forum, and more. It’s a lot of work.

When you interact with your members, it makes them feel more welcome, and apart of a community, which can lead to them becoming active members. If you still want to build a poker community, then I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you very much success with your community.

One last note, you can advertise your poker communities in your signatures at ThePokerTalk so that’s a good place to start advertising your poker forum.