Shanky’s Holdem Bot

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Online Poker And Poker Software

Online poker has been becoming very popular over the last few years. It is also a very profitable way to make a lot of money online by playing a game that you love. There are many different types of software that can give a player an edge over there opponents. Software like poker indicators. Which will let you understand your chances of winning. Also database software, which helps you understand what an opponents playing style is classified as. This article talks about a different types of software called poker robots. Which plays poker on its own, with no assistance from a human.

A Summary Of Holdem Bots

A poker robot is software that can be applied on any Windows PC that will work with any supported online poker room, and play poker. Just like if you were playing yourself. You can make the bot play anyway you want it to by programming a script. For example (PPL) Poker Programming Language. Which is for technical users, or you can get a pre-made scripts (profiles) which are already proven to play a strong game of poker. Mostly at the lower limits.

Different Types Of Poker Bots

There are 3 known types of poker bots. Firstly would be a bot that just clicks the mouse, but doesn’t really do what is necessarily profitable. For an example of this type of bot would be called ‘Win Holdem’.
The second type of bot is what needs some other type of software, such as OPI (Online Poker Inspector.) This is software that gives you advice of what the correct actions are, and the bot completes these actions. This is a very tight, dry style of a poker bot, and is definitely not recommended, People will be able to catch on to a predictable style of play, and exploit the bot which means you lose money in the long run.
Thirdly Shanky’s software is the one i personally use and greatly recommend. As it has the benefits of all the holdem bots, without the need for extra applications, or bulky unnecessary software. You can make it play a certain way by using the pre-made options inside of  the software. It has the option to code a profile so that it plays a certain way in specific situations, and it has a full community of people creating these profiles that play strong poker and make you money. An example of this software would be ‘shanky bot’ and it is the best poker bot around. The only problem with this option, is that it can be somewhat pricey. If you don’t want to spend time creating your own profiles, you would need to buy profiles for different stakes and game types (cash games, sngs, mtt’s) there are a lot of profiles from free to thousands of dollars to choose from.

What To Expect From A Poker Bot

I will now only talk about the Shanky Bot. As this is the greatest and the most advanced poker bot available.
Don’t expect to become rich from using a poker bot. Poker bots are really designed to clear bonuses and make a little bit of money a month ($300 – $1200). The reason that Holdem bots work is that they play solid poker at the micro limit poker levels, and users at these stakes just give money away and have a lot of ‘fish.’ This is a term known for poker players who don’t necessarily know how to play properly, and poker bots love fish, because these are where they make the most of there winnings. If you wish to play higher stakes to make even more money, you would need to buy a profile that is used for higher stakes, which can be quite expensive.
One of the problems with playing at higher stakes, is there are less losing players at the higher levels, and more poker professionals, which mean they will understand how you think if you play against them frequently. Which is why I advice to switch to different profiles regularly to keep professionals guessing.
Another way that people can use poker bots are to use them in MTT’s ( Multi Table Tournaments,) and then set the bot up to play for the first few hours which is definitely the boring part. Then you can take over nearing the bubble of the tournament to make a reasonable amount of money. This is a very successful strategy and the bot is capable of playing the whole tournament if you want it to. The poker bot will also change gears as the poker tournament goes on.

Scam Artists Online Selling Bots

You should realize there are numerous poker bot websites that will falsely promise you will get rich from there poker bot. This is not true, and the only people getting rich off of poker bots are the people selling you this dream. If you plan to buy a poker bot be sure to get some sort of trial version that you can test it out on the play money tables to be sure it works, and plays a solid game. Shanky’s Bot has a free trial that will play 200 hands. It comes with a default profile (doodle 94) that plays tight aggressive poker. If a company doesn’t give you a free trial, most likely there software is not very good and you are probably going to lose money by buying it.