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Once you know how to play poker, you will want to try your luck playing. There are many types of tournaments a player many enter into. Here we have listed the various types of tournaments with brief descriptions.

Sit & Go-These tournaments do not have a pre-assigned start date. They begin when all of the tables are full. Sit & Go(s) usually have a large amount of players (up to 360).

Double or Nothing-This is a special type of Sit & Go where half the players will win the amount that is equal to double the amount of their buy in. In a tournament with 12 players and a $20.00 buy in; the top 6 players will win $40.00 and the bottom 6 will win nothing.

Steps – This is a type of Sit & Go with big prizes. There are tiers (or steps) to play with winnings increasing with the steps. Prizes may range from the opportunity to play again to thousands of dollars.

Multi-Table Tournament-Players sit at numerous tables. Each player is given the same amount of chips. Players compete for each other’s chips. Players are eliminated when they run out of chips. As players are eliminated the tables are “broken.” Players are moved around to broken tables to keep them full or with an even number of players. The game is won when one player wins all of the chips. Cash prizes are determined by the number of tournaments the winner has entered.

Shoot Out – This is a special kind of multi-table tournament. In a Shoot Out, players do not move around to keep tables balanced. Instead, players remain to their tables until only one player is left. All remaining players then move to one table to play each other. In a Double Shoot Out the player must win two tables to win the event. The player must win three tables to win a Triple Shoot Out.

Satellites – The prize in this type of tournament is entry into a bigger tournament.

Rebuy Tournament – The amount of chips is not fixed. Players have the opportunity to buy more chips when they run out. Players are usually only allowed to buy more chips during the first hour of play although some tournaments have add-ons (an extra opportunity to buy more chips). The number of times a player can buy more chips is usually fixed.

Deep Stacks – In a deep stack tournament each player is allowed more chips and there is more time to play a hand.

4 Max and 6 Max-Each table has only 4 or 6 players instead of the usual 7 or 10.

Turbos – Turbos allow more re-buy time and levels are increased at greater intervals.

Guarantee Payout – This means that the cash pool is guaranteed to reach a certain amount.

It is best to try your hand at as many poker tournaments to see which ones are your favorites and where you can win the most money while risking the least amount.

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