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The game is played with full pack of 52 cards (joker doesn’t participate in the game). The pack is thoroughly shuffled and it is cut off by the test card by one of the players by all means or by the dealer himself (minimum cut varies in different casinos). After the dealer’s words ‘ Your bets, please!’, the players bet on the boxes marked on the cloth of the table in accordance with the rules (the boxes are ‘ante’, ‘bonus’, ‘bet’). After the dealer’s words ‘The bets have been made’, the cards are handed out or they are handed out with the hand movement (a gesture, replacing these words).

The handing out is 5 cards back up on each bet; the dealer turns one of the cards front up. After the dealer’s words ‘The bets have been counted’ and the first card coming out, the bets are not changed and are not received (are not touched by the hands). Then the players look through only their own cards at clear bets and they take the decision to continue the game:1. They can make ‘pass’, when they consider their card combination for sure losing (bet ‘ante’ loses).2. They continue the game, having made the confirmation in the box ‘bet’.3. After looking through their cards on clear bets , the players have an opportunity to buy the sixth upper card from the dealer’s pack, having paid extra, the price of their entrance bet. They can look through their own cards and discard an unnecessary one (from the player’s point of view).

The order of priority of cards’ exchange by the players is counterclockwise (from right to left). Each player should have 5 cards at their bets for a moment of opening them by the dealer. The dealer takes away the bets ‘ante’ –pass in favor of casino and he receives the bets into the boxes, left from the remaining players. The players put on their cards and confirm them. After the dealer’s words ‘The bets have been made’, the bets are considered to be counted finally and the dealer’s cards are opened. When the dealer has no game , card combinations of the players are not looked through and the pay off is performed in proportion of 1 to 1 of the bets ‘ante’ (regardless of the card combinations of the players). When the dealer has a roll (card combination ace-king or superior), the cards of the dealer and the players are compared in consecutive order to find out whose combination is superior.

If the dealer’s card combination is superior, the player’s whole bet loses. If the player’s card combination is superior, the dealer performs the pay off in proportion 1 to 1(always) on the bet ‘ante’ and the bet ‘bet’ with the coefficient 1 to 1 up to 1to 100 depending on the card combination of the player. If the card combinations of the player and the dealer are equal in superiority between each other, the question of the pay off is settled in favor of the player. The bet ‘bet’ (confirmation bet or just a bet) always refers to the bet ‘ante’ (entrance bet or just entrance) in cash equivalent as 2 to 1. Any other proportions are inadmissible and such bets are considered invalid. Bets can be both ‘dark’ and ‘clear’. Each player can have only one bet ‘clear’. At the moment of cards’ handing out by the dealer “clear’ bet is represented with the bet ‘ante’. The cards at this bet are looked through by the player and after it, he takes the decision to bet ‘bet’ and continue the game or to make ‘pass’ (i.e. not staking on ‘bet’, to lose the bet ‘ante’). ‘Dark’ bet consists initially from bet ante plus bet.

The player doesn’t look through the cards at dark bets, that is why it is not allowed to ‘pass’ at dark bets. The quantity of dark bets at one player is limited only with the quantity of vacant boxes in the playing field (from 0 to 7). The cards at dark bets are turned down and looked through only by the dealer in case when he has the game or there is the comparison between the card combinations of the player and the dealer. Pay off coefficients for both ‘clear’ and ‘dark’ bets are the same.