Poker 5/7 Stud

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Betting Procedure
1. Each poker player is dealt one card face down and one face up. The player with the lowest upcard makes a forced bet of either half minimum bet or full bet (player’s choice) to start the game. The rest of the players, in clockwise order, either call the opening bet, raise it, or not call and “fold” their hands back to the dealer.
2. All get a third card face up followed by a round of betting. From this round on, the player with the highest upcard(s) is always first to check or bet.
3. After the fourth card is poker tournaments dealt face up, the minimum bet goes to the higher minimum level.
4. Then the fifth card is dealt face up and followed by the final round of betting. The dealer then determines the highest hand and awards the pot.

Poker Rules – 7-Card Stud Rules

Traditional seven card stud is still widely played today. Stud is played with 2-8 players. It is generally played with fixed-limit betting, though sometimes people play it as a spread-limit game (rules for the spread-limit version). After everyone antes up, five betting rounds take place.

Ante: Seven card stud is generally played with an ante. Different stakes games have different antes. For example, a $1 ante is common in a $10-$20 game (10% of the small blind), but a $.25 ante is also common in a $1-$2 game (25% of the small blind). Some places do not even play with an ante at all.

3rd street: After everyone antes, all players are dealt two cards face down (hole cards) and one exposed card. The person with the lowest card must ‘bring in’ and is full tilt poker forced to bet half the small bet (if it is played fixed-limit). Players can then, raise, call, or fold.

4th street: An exposed card )in casino) is dealt to each player, followed a round of betting. For fourth street onward, the person with the best exposed hand begins the betting (i.e. if someone has AK exposed, another has 66 exposed, and someone else has 23 exposed, the person with 66 goes first because he has a pair of sixes.)

5th street: An exposed card is dealt to each player, followed a round of betting. If the game is played in a fixed-limit format, this is where the big bet would kick in.

6th street: An exposed card is dealt to each player, followed a round of betting.

7th street: Each player is dealt a final hole card, followed by the final round of betting.

If the game has 8 players and there aren’t enough cards left in the deck to deal each texas holdem player a final hole card, a card is placed on the board and it is considered ‘shared’ by all the players (similar to a community card in Hold’em).

Best poker hand wins (best 5-card hand out of the 7 cards the player has).

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General Strategy:

Five Card Stud poker is mostly a game of high cards and pairs. Don’t play for straights and flushes unless you have three cards to a straight flush on third street, or it looks like you might luck into a straight or flush on fourth. With only one down card, it is easier than most games to put your opponents on hands. Pay close attention to how they each play. Usually don’t start without either a pair or at least one live card that beats the board.

Usually fold if you do not have at least a pair in the first three cards.

Always fold when you are beaten on the board and do not have a good draw to the best hand.

Playable Starting Hands:

Any Pair – Fast play low pairs to try to get heads up. Consider folding if you don’t get trips or a live upcard on third street. Bet/Call high pairs.
Both cards higher than the board ie: You hold 9 8 and there is no opponent upcard that is higher than 7.
High hole card that beats the board with any upcard ie: You have Q down/ 6 up and there is no tournament opponent upcard that is higher than Jack.
High upcard that beats the board with high card in the hole An Ace up is a good hand that you can sometimes take past third street unpaired, if you have a good kicker. The high card in the hole does not have to beat the board.

Strategy Tips:

Usually Fold if you don’t have a pair or better in the first three cards.
Remember the folded cards so that you know which cards are “live”.
Play only live poker cards from the start and at least semi-live cards from the middle to the end.
Study your opponents. When he or she plays a low upcard, it is likely that the card is paired or just a loose starting hand of some sort. Does the player bluff? Can he or she be bluffed, etc. Unless you are playing a strong draw hand, usually fold if your complete hand is beaten on the board by an opponent’s upcards.
Don’t play for straights and flushes, except for three cards to a straight flush. Usually don’t play low hole cards. Don’t fall in love with your Ace in the hole. If that’s all you have, against apparent strong hands, usually fold early.
Beware of the paired door card. This often means trips, especially if it is a low pair.
Get caught bluffing once in a while. It is a way to vary your play and not be too poker predictable. You win pots that you don’t deserve when your bluff works. You lose a few chips when it doesn’t work but it will get you calls from weaker hands down the line when you are strong and need the action.
Look for reasons to fold early. When someone else gets the card you wanted or you suspect that you are unprofitably chasing a better hand – fold it up. Trust your instincts and you will usually be right.
Make’em pay to try to draw out on you when you have a good hand.


Pot Limit

In Pot LIMIT poker games the maximum amount players can raise or bet is equal to the size of the pot

No Limit

In No LIMIT poker games, there is simply no structure or maximum LIMIT on the bet or raise (except to the extent that you are limited to betting the amount of chips you have on the table). In no LIMIT games there are a maximum number of chips you can buy in with. This varies depending on the sizes of the blinds. E.g. For a £1/£2 game the maximum number of chips you can start with is £200 this is to prevent people buying a strong chip lead in the game.


Fixed LIMIT poker games are games where the betting limits are structured by round. For example a £10/£20 LIMIT Holdem game indicates that the initial bets and raises are £10, and the later bets and raises are £20. In fixed LIMIT games there is also a LIMIT on the number of raises per round; this can vary by poker site but is typically 3 raises per round of betting.

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5 Card Stud Poker

Five Card Stud Poker, like Seven Card Stud Poker, is played in many households throughout the world.
The game is very easy to learn and provides players with fast action!
Pokertropolis is proud to offer this classic poker game.

If you run across any concept or rules that seems unfamiliar to you, please visit at our Basic Poker Rules page for additional information on how to play poker.

Before the Hand

Each player must ante.

The Hand

Each player starts with a 2-card hand. If you play until the end the hand, you will finish with 5 cards in your hand, 4 face-up and 1 face-down.

There are no community cards unless the dealer runs short of cards at the end. In this case, instead of giving each player his/her own card at the end, a community card will be dealt.

The Play

1- Each player is dealt 2 cards, one face down (“hole card”) and one face-up (“up card”).
2- The lowest card starts the betting with a “bring in”. The “bring in” is a forced bet with no option of checking or folding. This first betting round proceeds at the lower betting limit. Click here for more information on a forced bet.
3- The dealer gives each remaining player a 2nd up card
4- The second betting round proceeds at the lower betting limit. However, if any player’s two up cards make a pair, then any bettor may make a bet equal to the higher betting limit. From this point on the higher poker limit is in effect for the entire hand.
5- The dealer gives each remaining player a 3rd up card
6- The 3rd betting round proceeds with the higher betting limit
7- The dealer gives each remaining player a 4th up card
8- The 4th and final betting round proceeds with the higher betting limit
9- Showdown

Order of Play

Action begins with the “bring-in” and proceeds clockwise. For all subsequent rounds, action starts with the highest exposed hand and proceeds clockwise.

The Showdown

At the Showdown the high hand wins. Each player must use all five cards from his/her hand.

Online 5 Card Stud Poker rules are the same rules that you will find in brick and mortar cardrooms. You can find more helpful information on how to play poker on our poker hand rankings page