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Study of efficiency

Study of efficiency

Successful Blackjack players have already understood that this game is exceptionally mathematical process and in each specific situation there is well-known correlation of the probability of losses and winnings. Out… Read more »

A Guide to Online Poker

A Guide to Online Poker

Meteoric rise in the popularity of poker online play may be very much attributed to convenience to play from comfort of your home, however actually there are many other benefits… Read more »

Shanky’s Holdem Bot

Online Poker And Poker Software Online poker has been becoming very popular over the last few years. It is also a very profitable way to make a lot of money… Read more »

Learn How To Play The Nuts

Flopping the nuts during a poker game or tournament is very rare. When the opportunity does arise, though, it is vital that you get as much money in the pot… Read more »


Once you know how to play poker, you will want to try your luck playing. There are many types of tournaments a player many enter into. Here we have listed… Read more »

Pros Grind It Out

Thinking about becoming a professional poker player? Think anybody can do it? Think again. Becoming a pro takes years of practice. You need to know the game inside out and… Read more »

How I Won My First Poker Hand

The story begins… I remember my parents playing poker when I was a kid. On Saturday nights they would have friends come over. They sat around drinking beer, eating, and… Read more »