What is a bonus code?

A bonus code is a promotion code or a coupon code offerred to players from online poker rooms as an incentive to get you to play with real money. Often, but not always, bonus codes are for new players without an account at that current poker room. However, poker rooms offer reload bonus codes for current players too. Yes you can be happily playing at a poker site and they will still offer you a reload bonus. For instance Full Tilt Poker is offering a 50% reload bonus.

An example bonus code would be: POKERKING
This is our code for Ultimate Bet.

In this example:
We show a screenshot of how to enter your bonus code into Ultimate bet’s sign up screen.

Where it says: Do you have a bonus code? If so, please enter it below
You would type in POKERKING there. Easy!


Can you really just take advantage of the bonus codes and bounce from room to room?

Yes you can. Some people do that. We recommend playing at a 1-2 poker rooms you like, but fully taking advantage of all incentives that poker room
offers. Such as bonus codes, reload bonuses, and frequent player points.

How to utilize the bonuses?

If you are a tournament player, you are going to deposit real money. Might as well use a bonus code.
If you are a cash player, you will DEFINITELY want to use a bonus code. Bonuses are released based on the amount of real money raked hands you play.
So cash ring players, should look for the best bonus they can find before they start playing. Most bonuses are at least partially released within 100-500 raked hands.

If you just want to play poker and not bounce around from room to room. You can do that. However, don’t play for real money without using an
incentive though, because you might as well get the free extras if you’re going to deposit anyways.

Do bonus codes expire?

Some do. Party Poker codes and links for example are good for a period of time where if the affiliate responsible for the code does not renew it, the bonus
attached to that code becomes worthless. All codes at Poker Bonus Codes.com are verified to work. If it doesn’t work, we will give you
the bonus ourselves.

However, some codes and links never expire. We suggest not taking chances. Many reputable affiliates keep their codes up to date. There are some that do not, so just be careful.