5 Beginner Poker Mistakes

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Poker is a game of many that has hundreds of variables that will affect the game. There is no other game like it and as a beginner it can be very difficult to understand and learn the game. With so much to learn, it is hard to know where to start and a lot of mistakes will be made. The one thing to keep in mind is that there will be a lot of mistakes; and that is okay. The best way to learn in poker is to learn it yourself from making mistakes. Still, there are some common mistakes that can and should be avoided as a beginner.

Afraid to Play – One of the biggest mistakes a lot of beginners make is that they are actually afraid to play and get involved with hands. The only way you will be able to learn is if you get in the game. You will see players with the best possible hand call when they could have easily put the rest of their chips in and got a caller. Do not be afraid to bet, call and get involved.

Not aware of the Math – This is a big one. Poker is a game of probabilities and statistics. If you do not fully understand the math you are at a huge disadvantage. Assuming that the game is just a simple game of chance is a very big mistake. You might as well go play blackjack or just give your money to charity.

Over-estimating Suited Cards – There is a fairly big problem with this is as well. You will hear so many people saying that they just had to play a hand because it was suited. That is really the most ignorant thing a poker player could say. Suited cards are not near as valuable as people think they are. They only bring the value of the hand up slightly.

Playing too Many Hands – This is just the opposite of the first mistake. This normally happens once players get used to the rules and the game. Playing too many hands is a big mistake that will lose you a lot of money. You should only be viewing around 20% of the flops played during a session. That means that you should be folding a lot more than calling.

Poker Etiquette – It is okay to learn as you go, but one thing you really should know before you play is the poker etiquette. There are a lot of things you just cannot do at a poker table. If you don’t know what those things are, you will probably do them. They are mostly just basic things that you must look into.

If you can avoid these five mistakes outlines above, you will be off to a pretty good start. Like mentioned before, there is just so many mistakes that could be made. You will make mistakes, and you might even make the same ones you just read about. That is okay; all you can do is try your hardest to limit your mistakes, and learn when you do make them.