5 Card Stud Strategy

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5 Card Stud is a game that has lost its popularity recently, but is still seen at online poker rooms. This game is still played and can be very profitable to a player who can pay close attention to their surroundings and follow a basic 5 Card Stud strategy. This is one of the only games where every player only holds one hidden card so the observant benefit very much at this game.
Know When to Fold

This is one of the easiest poker games to know when you should fold. If you cannot beat the cards that are face up of your opponents then you should get out of the hand. It is very simple. Your opponent might have a trick up their sleeve with their hidden card, but for the most part you will be able to make your decision about what to do base solely off of their face up cards.

In 5 Card Stud the worst thing that you could do is to stay in a hand longer than necessary when you know that your opponent has you beat on the board. This is a huge mistake any time that you do it because it is normally so obvious. There will be times that you will be beat by the hidden card, but for the most part focus on their up cards when deciding to continue or not.
Dead Cards

One of the most basic 5 Card Stud tips is to study the dead cards. Imagine sitting and waiting for a card that you just watched your opponents fold two of. You could be in an obvious position to save yourself some money, but due to lack of paying attention to the dead cards you will continue to play and lose money when you do not get the card that you need.

When you are playing shorthanded games it is easier to focus on the face cards that have been revealed because there are fewer of them than full ring games. Being able to follow all of the dead cards is a big part of following a basic 5 Card Stud Strategy.
Learning Pot Odds

One of the most important basic 5 Card Stud tips is to learn pot odds to maximize the poker bonus. There are a lot of times that you can’t simply look at a situation and instantly realize what the correct play would be. When you apply your pot odds to the equation it makes the decision a lot more black and white.

Learning pot odds will not only help you in bettering yourself at 5 Card Stud, but to almost all poker games. The more you calculate pot odds the easier it becomes and is incorporated into your thought when making one play over another.