Learn Some Basic 5 Card Draw Poker Tips

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Basic Five Card Draw Tips

Five card stud is one of the games that most online poker rooms are offering for their players. It is one of the most popular draw games and is also one of the original poker games. There are a few basic five card draw tips that every player should know before sitting down at the 5 Card Draw tables. Knowing these general tips will help you to better understand the flow of the game and the action that will take place.

Bet With Strong Hands

Just like any other form of poker it is vital that you bet with your strong hands. If you give weak hands a chance to draw then they have a possibility to make a hand that can beat you. If you bet then they have to fold with their weak hands and you win the pot immediately.

Another important reason to bet with your good hands is to build up the pot you will potentially win. You want to play big pots with your big hands. Sometimes you can slow play your hand and induce your opponent to bluff, but for the most part the correct play is to simply bet yourself and guarantee that you get value. You will be doing this with high pairs, four card flush draws and four card straight draws.

Observe Your Opponent

BY paying close attention to what your opponent does you can better determine what kind of hand that they have. If your opponent has a strong draw then they are normally going to only draw for one card. The same goes for two two pair, but it is more typical that they will hold a drawing hand. If they draw two cards then they probably have three of a kind.

One of the other things that you have to watch for in your opponents is how they play their hands. If you notice that your opponent will never bet with a draw and only check/call with them then you should be betting more often against them. When they draw only one card and again check then you can normally make a bluff and take the pot down. Some players will always bet regardless the strength of their hand. If they are playing a lot of hands then you will then know that you can call them down lighter than the average player.

Be Sneaky

Now this is different than slow playing a monster hand. By playing sneaky you want to disguise your good hand as a different hand to throw your opponent off. What this means is occasionally you want to draw differently than the made hand you would have. If you have high pair only draw two cards instead of three. If you have three of a kind you can draw one card instead of two.

Your opponents are going to be able to make a decent decision about the strength of your hand simply based off of how many cards you draw and your aggression with it. By drawing differently than your hand normally would you throw your opponent off of your holdings. Then once you bet the next street differently than the hand that you represented with your draw they might start to see your bets as fishy and think that it is a bluff.

Following these few simple tips will definitely help you on the tables when it comes time to play Five Card Draw. By knowing some basic 5 card draw tips you will be ready to start running the tables.