Poker Player Styles

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Player Personalities

I think one of the most interesting aspects of the game of poker is the players. Each player has their own distinct personality and these personalities come out in the way they play the game. I have been playing poker for many years. Over time, I have come to know just about every type of player.
Daisy is a loose player. She is not well skilled in the game and her lack of confidence shows. She will hold on to a hand way longer than she should, even after it is apparent to the rest of us that her hand is not that great. Every once in a while she does get a winning hand, which always takes us by surprise.

Hawk is tight with his hands (just like with his money). He is very selective about which cards he keeps. Hawk also bets low, never wanting to risk too much. Over time Hawk turned out to be a very worthy opponent. He said it is because he took his time figuring out his cards and learning from watching other people’s mistakes.

Daisy’s husband Bill is a maniac when he plays. He holds on to hands that he shouldn’t and then tries to bluff his way out. I think that Bill really just likes to gamble. He once told me that he enjoys the high he gets from laying it all on the line.

Calling Station
Tracey has been called stingy more than once. Her frugal personality comes out when she plays cards. She is what is known as a calling station. Someone that holds on to all of their cards, afraid to give something up.

Fish are players that are new at the game or just not very skilled. Fish are weak players and tend to lose a lot of money. All beginning players are considered to be fish.

Sharks are seasoned players that take advantage of fish. Bill can be a shark if he knows a player is new at the game. He did this to me when I first started playing. I got even with him though. I had a poker prop take advantage of him.

A poker prop is a hired professional in the game of poker. They are usually paid by the hour and allowed to keep their winnings. Poker rooms and casinos hire them to start games or to keep games going.

An ABC is a predictable player. Fishes, tights and loose players fit into this category. There is not much drama when your opponent is an ABC personality. On the upside, you never lose playing against an ABC.

A conservative player is called a rock. They play by the book and you can always count on them to do the sensible thing.

Mark is an aggressive player. I call him the bully. He feeds off of intimidating other players. He gets a kick out of winning through bluffing.

What type of player am I? I’m not telling. I might come up against you someday.
Read on to find out how to handle, and ultimately beat, an aggressive player.